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On this day in 2010, Studio Sketchpad debuted with a tweet. Today, five years and more than 200,000 sketches later, the studio is still open!

While I haven't put much time into hacking on Sketchpad recently, I decided to find time to add something new, in honor of the website's big birthday. When I started thinking about what a fitting addition might be, the clear winner was the idea of adding support to Sketchpad to allow people to write and collaborate on sketches created using the up-and-coming P5.js library. I'm happy to announce that this is now possible. Sketchpad features a new public studio that has been custom-built for P5.js, open to anyone at p5js.sketchpad.cc

This new studio differs from the others on Sketchpad in order to support the use of p5.js instead of Processing.js:

Generative Painting is an example sketch in this Gallery (drawn from p5js.org.)

For those in the P5.js community who are not familiar with Sketchpad, I recommend taking a look. While I realize that Sketchpad as an IDE leaves much to be desired, the site has quite a bit going for it:

To those developing the P5.js community, please do be in touch. I'd love for the p5js sketchpad studio to be a useful addition to the ecosystem. If there are ways that I can help make this studio even better for P5.js, I'd love to hear!