What is this?

Studio SketchPad aims to be a open studio for individuals learning to sketch beautiful code on the web canvas.

That's pretty vague. How about something more concrete...

Studio SketchPad was named after the two web technologies on which the application is built: the Sketch from Processing and the Pad from EtherPad. (The Studio metaphor used throughout the site was inspired by the writings of John Seely Brown, which I’ll save for another post.) EtherPad is used as a lightweight development environment for authoring (or co-authoring) small visual programs written in the Processing language. More on this...

The .cc TLD of the web address http://sketchpad.cc is a nod to the default CC-licensing adopted for the sketches created on the site. Unless otherwise specified by the author(s), works built on Sketchpad are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. This means that sketches can be cloned and modified by others, both on Sketchpad and elsewhere. This also means that sketches can build on other CC-BY works, such as those built using other wonderful Processing websites, such as SketchPatch and OpenProcessing. More on this...

Sketchpad is very much a work-in-progress, so please let me know what you think: your suggestions, feedback, bugs, and feature requests are all appreciated. Alternatively, you can contact me directly via email: ari at sketchpad.cc.

Ari Bader-Natal

John McLear wrote on June 10, 2010
Good work guys =)

wrote on December 8, 2010
Good stuff! This is just what I was envisioning when I first dug into processing.js!

waik wrote on January 5, 2011
Best Etherpad reuse i have seen so far. Respect! I really enjoy it.

Ari Bader-Natal wrote on January 6, 2011
Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoy it.

Zevan wrote on March 8, 2011
I've know about this site for a bit, but for some reason it never really dawned on me just how cool it is. I could see it being a great teaching tool - excellent work!

Rockson CHAN wrote on July 4, 2011
thanks for the great work guys ~!!! just one question, i've running sketchpad on my galaxy tab 10.1 (running android 3.1), it works~! but kinda slow, not sure it is because of the network or just the tablet itself. wondering will sketchpad runs on ipad2 too?~ thanks in advance ~!

Ari Bader-Natal wrote on July 5, 2011
Hi Rockson,  Nice to hear that it runs on the Galaxy Tab. It doesn't work as well on the iPad (you can view sketches but not edit them.) Amazon's Kindle, on the other hand, runs Sketchpad just fine (but slowly): http://blog.sketchpad.cc/2010/10/code-beautiful-on-a-sunny-day/

Albert C. wrote on April 2, 2012
Great work and idea, I'll bring sketchpad my codes ! A.

Jessie James Jackson Taylor wrote on May 5, 2012
any plans to implement the api and hand out keys?

Evie Bader-Natal wrote on April 11, 2017
I love Sketchpad!!