Super Disco Sketchin' - It's all about the process

Posted on by Ari Bader-Natal

Part of what I love about Studio Sketchpad is that it’s an environment for creating digital animation that is focused primarily on process, and only secondarily on the product. When you find yourself impressed by the final version of something that someone built on sketchpad, you’ve only really scratched the surface. Don’t believe me?

I fired up ScreenFlow and started stepping through the history of a sketch recently created by a few talented people working together. Check out the resulting video clip:

Here’s the final sketch. Click through to view source code history of this sketch.

If you send me a link to some of your complex and interesting sketches, I may have to make another video. Looking for a place to begin? Take a look through the sketches featured in the Gallery. Feel free to clone-and-remix anything that catches your interest, and take it from there.